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This is the perfect home search option whether you are searching at home or on the go.  Simply download my app to your smartphone, and you'll have immediate access for your home search.  And it's FREE!

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When you find a home you are interested in, simply let me know the Listing ID (or MLS #) and I can provide you with more information on the listing.  I can even set up a time to tour the property with you.

To learn more about my mobile app, click on the button below.  I'll tell you more about what all it can do and why it is my preferred search tool for my clients.

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Searching on your laptop or PC?  No problem!  Visit the Avast Realty website to search for your home quickly and easily.

See something you like?  Send me the Listing ID (or MLS #) and I can provide you with additional details on the listing you are interested in.

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Other Search Options


Over the past several years, a number of national internet home search companies have entered the real estate marketing space.  You've probably seen many of these companies advertise on TV...  Zillow, Trulia, and HomeLight are some examples.  My take on it goes like this...  real estate is LOCAL.  How a company headquartered thousands of miles away is suppose to understand your local real estate market, let alone help you find a home in your local area, is beyond me.  My advice is simple...  use an experienced LOCAL Realtor who has access to LOCAL resources to help you find your home...  period!  And you should always use LOCAL references to find the best Realtor for you.  

Buyer (and Seller) beware!  Most of these national internet home search companies charge a fee to real estate agents to be featured on their sites, and they sell leads to real estate agents who are willing to pay for them.  This doesn't mean you are going to get a great agent.  It just means that you are getting an agent who is paying for leads.  Many times, this is an attractive option for newer, less experienced real estate agents.  When buying or selling your home, the last thing you need is a paid referral, or an inexperienced real estate agent.  You need a LOCAL referral based on LOCAL experience!

Too good to be true!  Some of the national internet home search companies advertise outlandish results.  Don't get lured in with these false promises.  One such company advertises that their client sold their home for tens of thousands of dollars above list price.  Marketing genius??  Nope!  Here's what likely happened...  the agent (who paid for the referral) listed the home below market hoping for a quick turn-around (and quick commission).  The below-market price quickly attracted buyers, and an offer was submitted above list price.  That's above LIST price, not MARKET value.  Although the home sold for tens of thousands above LIST price, it still could have sold BELOW market value.  The only winner in this situation is the real estate agent thanks to a quick commission on a quick home sell.  An honest, experienced LOCAL agent will perform a thorough market analysis to help you price your home at, or slightly above, market value.  This helps maximize both your selling price and buying potential.

Too good to be true, Part 2!  Another national internet home search company advertises that they will rebate a portion of the real estate commission back to the seller.  Nope!  Sorry, this practice is illegal in a number of states, including the State of Alabama.  Don't fall for this "foot-in-the-door" sales tactic!

Fact Checking 101!  One of my biggest problems with the national internet home search companies is the accuracy of the data they list on their websites.  Most of the websites offer a home value estimate.  These estimates can be so misleading, and I often find they are all over the board.  All too often they are either really high or really low.  These inaccuracies often lead home sellers and buyers to under or over estimate their potential opportunity.  Another pet peeve of mine are listings that show incorrect school system information.  In my area, the national internet home search companies get an absolute F when it comes to this subject.  Schools have such a great influence on property values, so even if you don't have school-age children, knowing which schools a home is zoned for is critically important.  Again, a LOCAL Realtor is best qualified to help you understand the value of your home as well as identify the finer details, like school zoning.